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SantaCon 2002 Pictures and Links

Santa OOF's (aka Liteup-Beard Santa) pictures..
Mikey's pictures.
TheBarn: pictures.
Wendy's pictures.
Mtude pictures.
Urban Lens kickass pictures.
Look's livejournal pictures.
Derek Brown's galleries
Jerome's Pix
Melissa Ulto'spics.
Costume Jim!! has pictures from 2000, 2001 & 2002!
Dr. Odd
Unsilent Night video
Arthur Gold's Photos


Mtude's ho-fucking-ho.

An article about the Washington DC Santacon.

General News

Santa is Dead.
Santa gets Porn. (both thanks to Santa Pippi)

Various other links

The fairly official Santarchy site has historical information.

The Brooklyn Cacophony Society has lots of usefull stuff, including the official announcement for 2002.

Semi official XXX-mas Scarols. And a bonus section. (both in Word, soon to be translated.) [ thanks trixie!! ]

SantaCon elsewhere in the world

Los Angeles, 1999
London!! 2002
Wales, 2002!

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